40% of the world’s population uses the internet and estimates predict a constant increase in this figure. The web is a necessity, a work tool and an important part of everyday life everywhere in the world.Smart Insight have created an infographic on the behavioral habits of the 3 billion people that the world surf the web through digital media such as PCs, note books, tablets, smartphones and Apple devices. The good at website development comes up useful here.

80% of web users use a smartphone

The numbers are growing but, at the same time, there is a new trend compared to the App market in favor of pop-up alerts on smartphones.What are the contents, for example, which play a central role in marketing strategies aimed at the loyalty of the average web user?

  • Social media
  • Social network
  • Newsletter
  • Company website, corporate blog
  • Quality photos and videos

Here are 3 valuable tips for you to plan, manage and optimize online investments related to digital content:

  1. Define your digital strategy by including content designed to achieve specific objectives (eg: increase in product sales, increase in data base, participation in events, etc.)
  2. Ranges from online to offline, the two channels are interchangeable but not excludable. Both are important for each other
  3. Optimize your investments, measure results, energy and content and stay focused on the goal without wasting time, people and unnecessary budget.

We often happen in our work as web marketing consultants as a web agency or in my job as an SEO consultant, to run into customers who more or less affirm:

Facebook only serves to fuck does not work, I read that SEO is dead so do not do a job of organic visibility, my competitor makes a lot of videos I also want a video marketing strategy based on video or because you’re telling me to collect email addresses on the website in the web marketing strategy you are proposing to me? I read that no one reads the email anymore. The good at cms website design happens to be quite useful here.

The integration between the various channels is most often fundamental for the creation of an effective web marketing strategy!

Web marketing: Integration between various channels is often the key to success in any effective web marketing strategy

  • There are no web projects that can implement a perfectly identical strategy, of course, the experience, the comparison help, but in my work as a consultant I almost never saw the exact same web marketing strategy working perfectly the same way on two projects.

Without this premise, my opinion (generally speaking of course) is that a web marketing project works when it is able to integrate more tools, more channels of promotion, the advice that as Koris we always give to all customers, once the website, is to not rely on a single instrument of visibility, too dangerous and risky.

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